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Mission And Vision

GateWay International School - Mission and vision

Vision. To be a highly reputed school recognized locally and internationally in building tomorrow’s leaders through excellent education in a multi-cultural setting

Mission. Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders through a distinctive education in learning and character building as the schools seeks to provide highest quality education to its pupils through a rich curriculum that leads to the development and growth of the children and one that takes into consideration recent technology in a safe and sound environment.

Motto.  We have as motto Encourage, Educate, empower.

  • Facilities/Extra-Curricular Activities. The school has adequate infrastructure to make learning easy and peaceful and also spacious to make pupils feel free. These facilities and activities include;
    • School Library
    • Spacious Playground
    • Computer lab
    • Canteen
    • Sick bay
    • Psycologist
    • Music lessons
    • Physical education
  • Accreditation and Affiliations.

We will seek other accreditations and affiliations in the years to come from institutions like the council of British international schools and others. We are devoted to our mission and being accredited by Fieldwork Education accredited school only help us achieve this and this should help parents have some degree of confidence in our commitment to providing world class learning opportunities to their children.

  • Board of governors.

The school has as founder Brenda Ako-Arrey M. assisted by a very solid staff team.